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Nourish Community invites you to join in the fight against COVID-19

Community is what we need right now. Love thy neighbor. Help the needy and poor. As this silent and potentially deadly tsunami spreads, we all need to pitch in and do our part.

First, stay home where we can reduce the silent transmission of this invisible enemy. And make sure your kids are aware that "shelter in place" means spending time at home without your friends (potential asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19).

Second, we need to mobilize (from home) in our efforts to successfully contain this viral attack. We are dealing with a global pandemic, but let's focus on our community for now. Here are few crucial things you can do from the comfort of your home:

1. Sign a petition - there are several petitions circulating imploring our government to provide proper PPE (personal protective equipment) for our healthcare providers. I also started a petition asking Elon Musk to manufacture ventilators. Please check the Nourish EMB facebook page or email for the link.

2. Sign up to help deliver food, medications, and supplies to seniors, immunocompromised, and the underserved. I am seeing way too many seniors in the grocery stores. If we each "adopt" a senior or person/family in need, we can create a network that can keep seniors and vulnerable at home (and prevent further spread of the virus). Please consider helping by signing up for the COVID-19 Lend a Hand program on

3. We are in desperate need of more N95 masks. Some ideas:

- Call your local paint store and have them reach out to painters to see if they could donate any N95 masks.

- Contact dentists or contractors to see if they have any extra masks.

- Donate any masks you may have purchased.

- Stop purchasing masks.

- Call your local hardware store to see if they can reserve any future N95 mask shipments

for healthcare providers.

- Sew cloth masks at home. This is not officially approved, but we are desperate here.

Due to the shortage, healthcare workers will need to reuse their N95 masks, so a cloth

mask (or even a bandana) will cover the N95.

4. Eat healthy to support your immune system. Lots of veggies and low glycemic fruits. I would like to support local farmers but not sure how. Maybe someone can reach out.

5. Mental health will be a big issue during these challenging times. If you have a therapist or know of a therapist who can help, please have them email

6. Stay connected.

Thanks for reading, and please share. Thank you for being part of the Nourish EMB community. We are grateful. Be well.

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THANK YOU Cathy for caring, educating & communicating ways to help. You are a true gift. I have been wondering how to help seniors in need. Thanks to you, I have the information & will sign up to help

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