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COVID-19 What you need to know

Do you have a fever >100.4, dry cough, and shortness of breath? Call your primary care doctor right away. Most patients with COVID-19 do NOT have a runny nose but this is not 100%.

If you have mild upper respiratory symptoms, stay home and rest. Don't spread this viral infection because this can cause more confusion in your community and increase the already high volume of calls to medical offices.

Currently, there is a low percentage of co-infections with influenza and COVID-19. In other words, it is unlikely that you have both. So if you test positive for the flu, you can feel a bit more relieved. There is currently a 2% chance that you have both, but this percentage can change.

The most important you can do for your family and your community is to stay home as directed for the next 3 weeks. While you are home, enjoy your precious time with your kids, eat healthy, sleep well, breathe (stress less), learn how to meditate, read a good book, and practice gratitude. If you are healthy, consider volunteering (but wear a mask if you have one) at the Food Bank or White Pony Express. Or consider donating money to support underserved families with children who rely on food assistance at school. Be kind to yourself and to others. Give yourself a hug and give someone else a smile. Be well my friends!

Disclaimer: This is not intended to replace any medical advice from your personal physician.

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