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Elimination Diet - Chris Engen, CNC

There is a lot of attention on elimination diets these days. First, don’t let the word “diet” deter you. An elimination diet is simply a short term (21 days) eating plan to determine which foods work for you and which foods don’t. You can be allergic or sensitive to any food at any time! So even if it doesn’t show up in an allergy test (IgG reaction), it’s important to identify what is causing your symptoms like achy joints, brain fog and eczema. More obvious are digestive issues such as bloat, flatulence, storage of toxic fat around the middle, problems that can be eliminated by discontinuing consumption of certain foods!

Gluten has come under high scrutiny in the last several years as a difficult to digest wheat protein linked to autoimmune disease, among other problems, especially inflammation. Many people find that taking it out of their diet gives them relief that they otherwise would have never experienced. Other food categories such as dairy, legumes, soy and grain are also associated with symptoms.

By taking these foods out for 21 days, then systematically reintroducing them, we can determine the cause of your symptoms. And good news – after eliminating for about 4 months, some people can safely add them back without a reaction! There are also other solutions, such as taking digestive enzymes or food combining to be able to continue to enjoy your favorites. These days, there are many alternatives to food categories, such as cultured coconut or almond milk yogurt for those who can’t tolerate dairy, and plenty of delicious gluten-free bread options …. So, no need to deprive yourself!

Some people have no idea how GREAT they can feel. Let me help you determine what YOU can eat to thrive …. for life! Eat WHOLE FOOD and become a WHOLE NEW YOU.


Chris Engen, N.C.


Recovery is …..

“A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life and strive to reach their full potential”

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